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Grow Your Business!

Connect with longtime customers and attract new ones via apps powered by Qmania. Promotions you create, tailored by you to your liking, appear on your page within the app. The app's favoriting feature then cultivates loyalty and keeps you connected to your clientele. The web-based administration system, which requires no special hardware or software, allows you to add, amend, or take down a campaign at any time—even from your own mobile device!

Powerful Fraud Protection

Protect your business with powerful fraud protection mechanisms that are part of Qmania's proprietary system. Unique identifiers track when, where and by whom a deal was redeemed, while dynamic validation screens and deal parameters that you set—start date, end date, frequency (once a week, one time only, etc.)—ensure that deals are redeemed properly.


The web-based administration site provides tracking and robust analytics of each of your promotions. Viewable and downloadable reports where, when, by whom and how many times deal were recommended for however many active campaigns you have running at one time.


Your access to the app administration site, powered by Qmania, will allow you to set the parameters of your campaign. Set the start date, end date and redemption frequency—once a week, one time use only, unlimited—as you see fit. You can even create a limited availability based on first-come-first-served to inspire sales. The system also gives you the opinion to notify loyal customers when a new campaign begins.

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