Group Features


A Group is an environment that encourages consumers to explore your affiliated businesses, as they share a commonality that speaks to your users.

Be Where They’re Looking

Market to customers where they are looking, on their smartphones.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Collective marketing of all the businesses increases sales potential. More eyes, more awareness, more sales. Additionally, shared costs among businesses minimizes:

  • Marketing spends
  • Technology development fees
  • Implementation fees
  • Maintenance fees

Focus on Their Focus

Qmania takes care of all software updates and security issues, letting your businesses focus on their business.

Friends That Share

Users can easily share their favorite offers via email, text and social media, spreading the word about your affiliated businesses and your app.

News & Events

Keep users up to date and in the know with fresh developments and upcoming events. Periodic updates give users a reason to check your app frequently.

The Qmania group app technology allows app administrators to embed click-through buttons for users to place a call, send an email or visit a website for further information.


Spotlight particular items, events or businesses. Featured pages can also be sold as “ad space” as an additional revenue stream


Publish a directory of all the businesses, presented alphabetically, or filtered by the type of business (e.g., Dining, Shopping, Services, etc.) in your collective.

Partnered businesses get a succinct yet robust listing in the directory, complete with:

  • Image / Logo
  • Address
  • Directions map click-through
  • Click-to-call button
  • Brief Description of Business


Qmania’s unique, proprietary mobile deal and redemption functionality allows partnered businesses to run promotions and campaigns that are fully trackable, controllable and fraud-resistant.


An ‘about us’ page allows the app administrators to present their mission statement, background, history, etc.

App Administration

Qmania’s app administration system is web-based:

  • No special hardware
  • No new software
  • Easy to learn
  • Updates are pushed to the app instantly


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